Amabuki Shuzo

Amabuki Shuzo Co., Ltd., more commonly known as Amabuki, is located in the Saga Prefecture and was established three hundred years ago. The name “Amabuki” means “winds blowing from heaven” in Japanese, and their cellar’s façade has a relief of the God of Winds, symbolizing this image. Utilizing the natural environment, they use the high quality soft undercurrent water that runs through the nearby Sefuri Mountains. They are currently still using their hundred-year-old sake brewing cellar for brewing sake, but this does not mean they are bound by traditions and industry norms. They make use of local produce, but also search for innovative ways to create new sake. 

Their sake series made from flower yeast is one such display of their innovative spirit, as they were one of the first breweries to introduce flower yeast to their brewing process. After experimenting with many different types of flower yeast, they are using nine different kinds at the moment to create a range of flavors in their sake, such as crisp, aromatic, flavorful and refreshing.

Although they are known for their innovative use of flower yeasts, they do produce other types of sake using more traditional types of yeasts, and have a large range of sakes that can appeal to many different palete.