Masuda Tokubee Shoten

Masuda Tokubee Shoten Co., Ltd., better known as Tsuki No Katsura, is located in Fushimi in the Kyoto Prefecture, and has the longest history out of all the breweries in the Fushimi region. Established in 1675, Tsuki No Katsura is renowned for being the first brewery that introduced nigorizake to the market. Nigorizake is sake with rice sediment left in the sake, making the sake seem cloudy. Nigorizake are commonly sparkling as well, with a fruity aroma and a refreshing quality due to the carbonation. Contrary to popular belief, nigorizake is not sake that has been unfiltered, but rather, sake that has been filtered, but to a lesser extent, letting some of the rice sediments pass through the filtration process instead of filtering them out completely. Also known for their aged sakes, Tsuki No Katsura has stored sake from every year for the past fifty years, and these aged sakes have a golden color, in contrast with conventionally clear and colorless sake.


The current president, Masuda Tokubee-san, is the 14th generation of his family to run the brewery. Masuda Tokubee-san has a bubbly personality, which shows in some of the names he has given to the sake produced by the brewery. Names such as “Astonished!”, “Cash Cow”, “How Are You?” and “Very Funny!” expresses his lively and humorous personality. His passion for sake shines through in the sake he produces, thus it’s no wonder why Tsuki No Katsura’s sake is popular, not just in Japan, but around the world.