My Story

Hello, my name is Derrick Lim, professional photographer and epicure, and this is my story of all things Sake.
Sometime in 2010, chef Tetsuya Wakuda demonstrated to me, Sake pairing with non-Japanese food, and it blew me away, it was so simple, and so good, caviar and Sake….
Little did I known then, that in the next 2 years, I will embarked on a journey into the complex world of Sake. It brought me back into the classroom, and a really “happy” classroom for that matter as we will be studying all aspects of Sake productions and tasting loads of Sake.
The Sake Professional Course by John Gauntner that I attended in Tokyo changes everything. With the newfound knowledge, I am able to understand and appreciate Sake in a level completely new to me, and it sets me free to explore into the realms of food pairing.
Then I decided to take the road less travelled, and visited the breweries of some of my favourite brew, and the path just opened up for me, Sake has found me!
Here, you will find some very good artisanal breweries in the whole of Japan, they are all small productions and totally hand-made by very passionate people, to bring you the wonderful taste of Sake.
Somehow, this unsuspected journey into Sake has just begun....
Derrick Lim
Advance Sake Professional (SEC)