Kumazawa Shuzo

The Kumazawa Brewing Company was established in 1872, and with a history of over a hundred and forty years, it is the only Japanese sake brewery in Shonan, located in the Kanagawa Prefecture. In addition to the sake brewery, they also have a beer brewery, a Japanese restaurant, a bakery, and an art gallery located on the property, which are evidence of the current president Mokichi Kumazawa-san’s strong entrepreneurial skills and international outlook.


The current toji, Tetsuro Igarashi-san, has transformed the brewery to produce only premium sake, and this has worked to the favor of the company. Their sake production is in limited quantities due to the small size of the brewery, but boasts sakes of high and premium quality, a result of the toji and brewers’ skills. They utilize traditional sake brewing methods, and use the subsoil water from Mount Tanzawa, which is of incredibly high quality, and contributes to the quality of their sake.


Other than brewing sake, the Kumazawa Brewing Company ventured into beer production in 1996, and their Shonan beer has become quite popular and well-known in the region.